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A La carte of the Piqu'Boeuf


Meat dishes of the Beaune Restaurant


Dishes of the day




A la Carte

A la Carte menu designed by Thierry and Damien Broin. All our dishes are prepared on the premises and are based only on fresh raw products. We regret that some fresh food item may be missing as we rely on the day's market.

Two poached eggs in a red wine sauce10 €
Raviolede tails of Charolais beef, pinot noir juice16 €
Casserole of a dozen Burgundy snails with garlic butter18 €
Casserole of six Burgundy snails with garlic butter9 €
Genuine jellied ham with parsley home made - Speciality from Burgundy10 €
Salad with hot organic goat cheese and walnut14 €
Marbled foie gras terrine with figs and mellow apricots18 €
Tails of prawns snacks, sauce vierge, eggplant caviar16 €
Back of cod, chardonnay sauce, potato confit with lemon20 €
Scallop risotto grilled a la plancha, served with Noilly Prat emulsion22 €

Meat Dishes

"Our beef meat come from the Burgundian Charolais breed produced in a closed-loop economy. It is selected directly by Mr Fournier, our butcher-breeder. The cattle are fed in his pasture or cowshed with traditional first class food (cereal, pulp, lucerne, hay and straw).
They are slaughtered at the abattoir in Beaune and the meat is handled in Mr Fournier's meat cutting workshop in Saint Jean de Losne (30 km away).
This quality Charolais meat is then braised in a wood fire before being served to you."

Rib steak with parsley butter - Charolais beef meat (about 280g)22 €
Rib steak with sarawak pepper sauce - Charolais beef meat (about 280g)24 €
Rib steak Charolais from the farmer (500g)35 €
Prime rib of beef on the bone Charolais 1,2 Kg (for 2 persons)60 €
Sirloin steak Charolais (220g)20 €
Sirloin - Charolais beef meat (220g) with Epoisses cream sauce22 €
Fillet of beef Charolais (230g)28 €
Beef fillet of Charolais meat (about 230g) with pepper sauce30 €
Sirloin flank steak Charolais (220g)17 €
Beef tartare – raw seasoned minced beef meat17 €
Beef stewed in red wine – A traditional dish with Charolais meat15 €

Select your side dish :
Potato en papillote with a pot of cream
Large chips*

Dish of the day

Dish of the day is regularly modify according to the available products. You can see it in the restaurant.


Fresh farmer's cheese with thick cream5 €
Fresh farmer's cheese with red berries coulis5.5 €
Plate assorment with two cheeses (Epoisse berthaux, Brillat savarin)7 €


Pear poached in blackcurrant wine, Burgundy blackcurrant sorbet7 €
Granny apple pie, with sorbet7 €
Caramelised Bourbon vanilla cream7 €
Carrement chocolat (white, milk, pralins)7 €
Coffee or tea served with 3 mini desserts7 €

Net Prices - Service included.